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Sunday, June 15, 2008


This body lays out life at 5 positions. In those 2 positions are significant.
Those are of Neck, Head.
Head has 'soul of expanse' that the common-life; its immortal.
Neck has 'soul of life' that the uncommon-life; its mortal.
more as body comparts divergence of “Bramma” in up and down, as we to achieve positions of Degree whose are; those ranges from neck to vertex.
More as degrees with heaven originates to closes at Degree of "Sadasiva". Above that the tone sources noumenon sinks. Degrees of "kailasa" sources above belly ends at neck; it’s a common part.
Placement of hell is from belly to fundament. Position of karma is from fundament ends at feet. These have glory from sources of "Bramma". Experienced in neck. In this body placement of "Eyman" at fundament as position of hell at the left part.
More as in body the soul stands solely. Life stands amidst mind etc, with their assembling faculties.

[1] Thiruvarut Prakasa Vallalar, ‘Thiruvarutpa’, ‘Urainadaipakuthi’, ‘Jeevasthanam’, Thiruvarut Prakasa Vallalar Deiva Nilayam, pp. 362, May 2004.

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