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Saturday, March 15, 2008


For beings during great hunger, self (beings) intellect gets fainted without definition. As it is fainted, Intellect of intellect has God's definition is also disappeared. As it is disappeared, Principle of nature of self gets tired. As it is tired, Principle of Maya gets dulled. As it is dulled, Qualities get distinguished.

Mind gets destructed unsteadily.
Cognition gets spoiled.
Gesture of mind gets trembled.
Pridefulness gets destroyed.
Spirit gets revolved.
Primordial gross elements get agitated.
Pulses (Vadha, Pittha, Silethuma) of body gets changes in phase.
Eye gets diminished with poor visibility.
Ear gets bombilated turns into deaf.
Tongue gets dried without moisture.
Nose gets toned down, fatigued.
Skin gets thinned, sensitiveness impaired.
Arms, Legs get staler, tired.
Voice tone gets changed, stammered.
Teeth get fagged.
Voiding organs get blemished.
Body gets seared.
Body hair gets toughened.
Nervus get dethawed, loosened.
Pulses get dissolved by loosing structure.
Bone gets swinged, Joints get attenuated.
Heart gets burned.
Brain gets contracted.
Semen gets roiled, dried.
Liver gets dissolved.
Blood, Liquid flow gets reduced.
Muscles get loosened, destabilised.
Stomach gets burned intensively.
Somatesthesia gets increased continuously.
Symptoms and experiences of loosing life is continuously occurred.

These troubles are common to all beings from hunger.

[1] Thiruvarut Prakasa Vallalar, ‘Thiruvarutpa’, ‘Urainadaipakuthi’, ‘Pasiyin Avatthai’ Thiruvarut Prakasa Vallalar Deiva Nilayam, pp. 121, May 2004.

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