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Saturday, November 24, 2007


The above mantram had given by the Arutperunjothi Andavar to Vallalar to flourish the Samarasa Suttha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam. Vallalar had given this mantram to us. This mantram also called as MAHA MANTRAM by the sanmargam people. To worship the Arutperunjothi Andavar and to follow the principles of the Samarasa Suttha Sanmargam this mantram should be chanted by all the followers of Vallalar. Below given the download links to a MP3 audio files of this mantram.


I just want to share the high resolution painted image of Vallalar to use it as a wallpaper to your systems.With this i am here to clear about the doubt of various paintings of Vallalar makes some people to think about it. The reason is we have not got the original photo of Vallalar. According to the Vallalar' life history, There was an attempt to get a photo of him by the camera but the result of processed film was surprising, found nothing in the photo.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Here is the download links for the pdf files. It contains 6th Thirumurai songs (4 parts in 4 pdf) from the book titled Thiruvarutpa penned by Vallalar. This book contains 6 divisions each named as "mudhal thirumurai", "iraandam thirumurai", "moondram thirumurai", "naanagam thirumurai", "eyindham thirumurai", "aaraam thirumurai". Here is the sixth division which considered as a most important guide to the Samarasa Suttha Sanmargam.

First part of 6th Thirumurai pdf

Second part of 6th Thirumurai pdf

Third part of 6th Thirumurai pdf

Fourth part of 6th Thirumurai pdf


A man who revealed the "Arutperunjothi" to all of us.

I just want to introduce to the people who already know him,

He is the founder of GNANA SABAI (vadalur).
He is the author of THIRUVARUTPA.

Here is the introduction to the people who do not know him,

He is the person, who you are seeing in the VISIONS.
He is the person, who is trying for you to become LISSOMENESS.
He is the person, who let you feel the GRACE and offer it for others by yourself.

By with this introduction, I dedicate this blog to the all persons who are loving the vallalar (also known as, Ramalinga adigalar, Thiru arutprakasa vallalar, Chidambaram ramalingam) and his concepts.Here i am requesting the readers of the blog to share their knowledge on vallalar to distribute yours to others. Keep mailing your ideas and improvements to my email.